Snow has fallen on the fruit-tree blossoms

Snow has fallen on the fruit-tree blossoms. Let each one love who his heart desires. If she will not, let him not impose it. From imposing there can be no blessing. Were I lucky rather than unlucky, and might I come up into your chambers, I would sit there on your silken cushions like a pasha among his faithful stewards  []

Bosnian Folk Poetry — Wedding Songs

1. When a girl leaves her home to get married Our sister, our dear friend, You are going, and leaving us behind. Are you sad, may your mother rejoice, Are you sad that we are parting? – I’m sad, my dear sisters! I miss the trees and rocks, Much less going to the village of another. My sisters, remain with God!  []

When The Vilić Brothers Married Off Their Sister

When the Vilić brothers married off their sister, They sacrificed three hundred sheep, Built three new mausoleums, Circumcised three hundred young boys, That their sister might cross the mountain alive and well. When their sister had crossed over the mountain alive and well, She crossed over the mountain, and went into the field, A freezing rain mixed with sleet struck  []

Stone of Mujo and Jura from Mostar

All who stroll by the popular seaside promenade known as Šetnica, located not far from Trpnj on the peninsula Peljesac in Croatia, have the opportunity to be reminded of all the misfortunes and tragedy of the previous war. Namely, on one of the stone boulders by the promenade almost every year from 1976 to 1990 is written next to the  []

Epitaphs on Stećaks

Here lies Hlapic Tihmilich And this stone I carved with my own hands while still alive, so even when dead, I can still have a dream from my life for ages. And bless the one who will pass by, and curse the one who will overturn it. June 1417 A. D. Here lies Ahmat Stuk on his noble heritage. Let  []

My Bilov is World Champion (2006)

SANICA … Mujaga Selman, breeder of Bosnian shepherd dogs from Sanica, Bosnia Herzegovina, crowned his long-time breeder’s work with first place in the World Dog Show, held recently in the Polish city of Poznan. Selman’s Bosnian Tornjak named Bilov was declared the most beautiful dog in its competition. This passionate dog breeder said that the award is extremely significant considering  []

By Sarajevo There’s a Green Garden

By Sarajevo there’s a green garden, In that garden there’s a well of cold water, By the well, a marble stone, On the stone, an aged vase, In the vase three flowers bloomed. Were you to give me the three flowers from that garden, A wallflower, a carnation, a red rose, I’d not take the wallflower, nor the carnation, but  []

Pioneer Oath Today

Today, when I am initiated as a pioneer I state on the pioneer’s oath the following: That I shall learn and work hard and be a good friend; That I shall love our self-governed homeland, the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia; That I shall contribute to brotherhood and unity and the ideas Tito fought for; That I shall respect all  []

Hasan Aga’s Wife

What gleams white in the green forest? Is it snow, or is it a swans? If it were snow it would have melted by now; And swans would have already taken to flight. No, it is neither snow nor is it swans, But the tent of Aga Hasan Aga. He is suffering from terrible wounds. His mother visits him, and  []