Volume 07 No. 1 (2012): January

- Bosnian Friend (1870)

Let our neighbors be very angry about our pride in our old name, language, and customs and our outright refusal to embrace their name as a mark of our nationality and language. In their attacks on us our neighbors–to be quite clear, let us call them Jovo and Ivo–are in agreement. But they both are asking from us something else  []

- Jablan

Twilight had come a long time ago. On a stubble field below the village in the mountains, Lujo huddled under his coat. Only his freckled face, with large speckled eyes and locks of blond hair spilling from his forehead, stuck out. A few steps before him grazed Jablan. Every evening in the heat of summer Lujo grazed Jablan late into  []

- Compass

Above is Polaris And below Venus Over there the Northern wind and yonder the Southern Who’ll tell me where the Path to Love is And where the Path to Death   Translated by Keith Doubt © 2011 Keith Doubt

- Far, Far in the North

To Milorad Pejić You who are said to have tracked the reindeer’s scent, I couldn’t follow you. Not because, where you live, images are sharp as razors, nor because entering a warm place would dim my sight through fogged up glasses. Not for lack of strength: no one knows where it comes from nor what it is that makes him  []

- Discoveries

I read papers when they’re just brought in from outside, from minus 27 degrees, fresh and cold off the presses. From all the morning papers I remember only one self-sustaining article: like the recipe for a simple cake, the list of scientific advances in 2003 was inserted between the ads and Christmas wishes. Glass has been invented that refracts at  []

- Cyclone

a child in rubber boots wonders in the underground at the dripping grates holds up his hand to catch an emulsion of machine oil and water tells the rush hour crowd how he captured the sky there’s endless worrying about the simple fact about a stormy season the weather reports indicate showers at more than half probability and the shoulders  []

- By Sarajevo There’s a Green Garden

By Sarajevo there’s a green garden, In that garden there’s a well of cold water, By the well, a marble stone, On the stone, an aged vase, In the vase three flowers bloomed. Were you to give me the three flowers from that garden, A wallflower, a carnation, a red rose, I’d not take the wallflower, nor the carnation, but  []

- Sarajevo’s Spirit Today

Irina Lagunina of RFE/RL’s Russian Service spoke to Broz during a recent visit to Sarajevo. Lagunina: You are originally from Belgrade but moved to Sarajevo permanently after the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Why did you decide to move? Svetlana Broz: I lived in Belgrade, which was a European metropolis 30 years ago. But unfortunately in the meantime, due to the politics  []