Volume 07 No. 4 (2012): October

- Accordion Road

After Tin Ujević’s Fisharmonika No notebooks map my soul. Accordion Strains and fingering capture the terrain. In country lanes membranous bats drop Like cataracts. All dream? Does dreaming stop? Earth sprouts a wig. That moon’s a myth From yellowed picture-postcards I’m besotted with. We went by road, the long route, just to find— Too late—it looped to all we’d left  []

- Stone of Mujo and Jura from Mostar

All who stroll by the popular seaside promenade known as Šetnica, located not far from Trpnj on the peninsula Peljesac in Croatia, have the opportunity to be reminded of all the misfortunes and tragedy of the previous war. Namely, on one of the stone boulders by the promenade almost every year from 1976 to 1990 is written next to the  []

- A Woman’s Blouse

It’s getting dark. And in the west somebody’s foot has tipped over a wine jug, pouring it all over the horizon. The new moon looks like the horns of the helmet in which Moses appears in movies. Pines smell of lemons and incense mingled. A soldier, tall and brittle like a rye stalk, is doing sentry duty. Brittle with love  []

- The Hilt

A man who has never known suffering cannot be self-reliant, nor can he recognize his own value. —Joseph de Maistre We who passed through the siege of Sarajevo shall, of course, gain nothing. An experience that will serve no purpose: as if you lost your arms and won a violin, as Rasko would say. You can’t even tell others about  []