Epitaphs on Stećaks

Epitaphs on Stećaks

Here lies Hlapic Tihmilich
And this stone I carved with my own hands while still alive, so even when dead, I can still have a dream from my life for ages.
And bless the one who will pass by, and curse the one who will overturn it.
June 1417 A. D.

Here lies Ahmat Stuk on his noble heritage.
Let it be known that ever since this tombstone was laid down in the field, and the marker carved on it by my brother, no travelers on the earth, nor the stars in the skay can get lost.
January 1192 A. D.

…I knew how to love in seventeen ways.
And even now I am who I am, biting this stone from the inside.
In the year of our Lord 1387

Don’t turn over my tombstone or everything that is hope will become illusion and anxiety.
In the year of our Lord 1334.

…I am not afraid of wolves, but of men. If it was up to wolves this tombstone would outlast eternity.
1377 when our Tvrtko was the king

Here lies Asta, Bogcin Zlusic’s daughter, and I do not want to lie here.
I would like to walk through the pastures with you in the evening, and I would give you the kiss which I did not give you when you asked for it.
Even if the sky falls down, I wouldn’t be sorry …. or ashamed.
Passerby, do not touch my tombstone, for those who do that will do what I have never done, because only now I know how the soul is tormented by unfulfilled desires.
1422 A. D. when the others were happy but I died

Selections from Bogomils as Inspiration by Ševko Kadrić
Translator: Hidaeta Beba Hasanbegović

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