Volume 07 No. 3 (2012): July

- Bosnian for Foreigners

Dr. Midhat Ridjanović, professor emeritus of English and linguistics at the University of Sarajevo, recently published a major work on the Bosnian language – BOSNIAN FOR FOREIGNERS : With a Comprehenisve Grammar. It is a product of many years of research and writing, in which Professor Ridjanovć brought to bear his life-long involvement in language teaching and linguistics on a  []

- Epitaphs on Stećaks

Here lies Hlapic Tihmilich And this stone I carved with my own hands while still alive, so even when dead, I can still have a dream from my life for ages. And bless the one who will pass by, and curse the one who will overturn it. June 1417 A. D. Here lies Ahmat Stuk on his noble heritage. Let  []

- Recognition

At the far end of death the hues shall be better   Translated by Keith Doubt and Wayles Browne © 2012 Keith Doubt and Wayles Browne

- My Last Teaching Day

It was December 1992, the last day before winter break. I entered the school where I had been a teacher and principal for 15 years with nothing on my mind but the coming day, my students, and the lesson I would teach. Murisa, custodian and my dear friend, changed my mood in an instant. Her look of worry and fear  []

- The Hour of Europe: Western Powers and the Breakup of Yugoslavia

The break-up of Yugoslavia has generated an enormous literature – much of it poor, some of it acceptable and some of it excellent. There are several decent introductory accounts of the break-up that competently summarise familiar information. There are some very good studies of Slobodan Milosevic and his regime that do justice to the break-up as well. There are some  []

- Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie’s directorial debut, In the Land of Blood and Honey, is difficult to watch. Difficult to watch in the sense that, here in the UK, it hasn’t been released, and there doesn’t appear to be any information about when or where it will be – certainly not on the movie’s official website, nor in any of the reviews that  []

- A Word about Man

FIRST Wrought within the body sewn into the hide You’re dreaming of the sky once more spreading wide Within the brain enclosed in the heart detained Ever dreaming sunlight but by darkness stained Prisoner of flesh imprinted into bone Can you bridge the distance To the heavens’ throne? SECOND Caged by the ribs in silver’s grip you rest No better  []

- Inter-religious Culture and Relations in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a meeting place of cultures, civilisations, and peoples whose existence is derived from their religions and largely shaped by them. For this reason, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a meeting place of religions. Relations between religions are reflected in all aspects of social life in Bosnia and Herzegovina. If Hans Kung’s maxim that there is no peace  []

- Harmonia Abrahamica: The Spectre of Bosnia and those it Haunts

Foreword Bosnia is the name for a thousand year-long tradition of striving for a plural social order within a shared political framework. Its grounds have always been sought in the sacred traditions Bosnia’s peoples have adhered to over the past several hundred years. Bosnia’s name is also linked to the negation of this, through violence and hatred of the other,  []

- Sanctions for Genocide Denial

Belgrade, July 11, 2012. This year marks the 17th anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide. As years go by, new evidence of this horrible crime accumulate. Many sentences either for or closely related to the Srebrenica have been passed in ICTY. On the grounds of these sentences the International Court of Justice decided that genocide had been committed in Srebrenica. An  []