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“Spirit of Bosnia” is established as a non-profit organization able to receive tax-exempt donations. Donations of any amount to this journal are gratefully received. Donations provide a means for the editors to continue to provide a journal of the highest quality to its readers.

“Spirit of Bosnia” has been publishing quarterly since 2006, and we believe that each issue continues to support and develop the journal’s mission statement, which is to disseminate scholarly research and writing on the history, politics, and literature of Bosnia-Herzegovina so as to honor and preserve the long-standing traditions of social and civil order that created Bosnia‚Äôs heritage.

This approach to the cultural history and contemporary politics of Bosnia has become weaker in recent public discourse. We feel that it is important not only to sustain but also to strengthen our efforts to articulate and exemplify a non-nationalistic understanding of the moral and social foundations of Bosnia as a historical entity.