In the Liberation obituaries I find that F. has died. She was the prettiest girl at the Sarajevo Philosophy Faculty, Class of 1974. My roommate in the student dorm Drank day and night because of her, but she once told me “I like you better.” There was no love between us. I caressed her once on a shaded bench on  []

Note on the End of the World

The end of the world is happening every day, every evening and morning The four riders of the apocalypse are thundering over our heads. Do you hear them? Gliding from Bosnia to Rwanda, Afghanistan, they gallop to Iraq and Libya The first horseman, on a white horse, the conqueror, seduces people, drives them mad The second rider is on a  []

The Rose in a Storm, Zlatko Ugljen

“O rose, pure contradiction…“, Rilke Zlatko Ugljen, a professor, threefold academic, master artist in our modern times, and creator of unfaltering architecture is turning eighty. Zlatko was born in the city of Mostar, to which he donated his most beautiful buildings, artistic pious endowments now leveled to the ground. Today oblivion is flourishing in our devastated cities, and its ugly,  []


My Jesus protect us from those who protect you defend us from those who defend you those who protect you from the men in despair who blaspheme your name   the young men similar to you protect us from those who protect you because their words ring with the clanking of gold coins while they auction off your passion, while pitying  []

The Girls of My Youth

The girls of my youth, nausicaas The girls of my youth, dianas, danaias, lolitas they are only in their forties, but they are already gray haired, creased foreheads, wrinkled hands those “ladylike ones behind the sewing machines” Many of them are already toughened, have already forgotten love as a foreign language is forgotten. The girls of my youth, ruths and  []

Brotherhood and Sisterhood

If I were to be born again and could choose, I would choose neither this language, nor this vocation Neither this sign of faith, nor this faith without hope. I would not accept murderers teaching me justice. I would not pick this time nor this country where there is no solace. Nor these brothers who have sold me. Nor this  []