Volume 06 No. 2 (2011): April

- The Rose in a Storm, Zlatko Ugljen

“O rose, pure contradiction…“, Rilke Zlatko Ugljen, a professor, threefold academic, master artist in our modern times, and creator of unfaltering architecture is turning eighty. Zlatko was born in the city of Mostar, to which he donated his most beautiful buildings, artistic pious endowments now leveled to the ground. Today oblivion is flourishing in our devastated cities, and its ugly,  []

- Excerpts from the Novel “Spies”

My lord, the land named Bosnia is an unfortunate land, not worth conquering, even less worth keeping, but still tolerable as a friendly land. In this way, it would pose no nuisance to us, and we could at least use it as a safe stop en route to other lands. It is not a kingdom in the way we understand  []

- An Immigrant’s Deal: Two Lives for the Price of One

When you become an immigrant, you have lost or are in the process of losing much: you loseWeight Exercise your country, your language, your culture, your friends. But you also gain much: a new country, new knowledge, new experience, and perhaps new friends. The tension between the loss and the gain—or the debit and the credit side of your life’s  []

- The Sirens

Come, renowned man Of great Achaean fame Come Does your great heart That turned to stone in Troy Does your hardened heart This song fear Come renowned man   Translated by Keith Doubt – © 2011 Keith Doubt

- The Arrest of Jovan Divjak: The Victim Becomes the Criminal

The arrest of Jovan Divjak symbolizes the continuation of the counterproductive behavior of Belgrade when it comes to interpreting the recent past from the nineties. After arrests of Ejup Gani, Ilija Juriši, and recently Tihomir Purda, who were arrested and acquitted for lack of evidence, the “Divjak” case only deepens the mistrust of the countries in the region towards the  []

- Prayer

My Jesus protect us from those who protect you defend us from those who defend you those who protect you from the men in despair who blaspheme your name   the young men similar to you protect us from those who protect you because their words ring with the clanking of gold coins while they auction off your passion, while pitying  []