Volume 02 No. 4 (2007): October

Volume 02 No. 4 (2007): October

: Victims Need Truth and Justice

Humankind will be able to recall July 11th and 12th in 1995, remembering the genocide that was committed in the United Nations safe area, Srebrenica, by the criminal hordes controlled by Ratko Mladić. Shortly after  []

: Isak Samokovlija

After the Second World War, Samokovlija dedicated one of his stories to his mother, Sara, with these words: “I’m happy that she died before the war and did not experience the horrors to which we  []

: The Legs of Nermin Tulich

To a dear friend and a member of the Sarajevo Shakespeare Society – (Sarajevo, Bosnia, 1992-3, and beyond) “Nermin Tulich, a young Sarajevo actor, lost both of his legs in the artillery attack on the  []

: Then Bosnia is Lost?

(TV interview: Question: “Then Bosnia is lost, Mr. Secretary?” Answer: “Oh, no, no; we are doing everything we can; no, no…” – Spring 1993) Turning back (in anger?) and seeing clearly: yes, then Bosnia is  []

: Morning Glory Sarajevo

For M.H. This town, catching up to us, clasping us to its arms and around our necks – we watch it from above. We are Caesars of the moment, breathing in Sarajevo’s breath: human bodies,  []

: The Girls of My Youth

The girls of my youth, nausicaas The girls of my youth, dianas, danaias, lolitas they are only in their forties, but they are already gray haired, creased foreheads, wrinkled hands those “ladylike ones behind the  []

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