The Legs of Nermin Tulich

To a dear friend and a member of the Sarajevo Shakespeare Society – (Sarajevo, Bosnia, 1992-3, and beyond) “Nermin Tulich, a young Sarajevo actor, lost both of his legs in the artillery attack on the bread-line…”, Associated Press (AP), on Bosnia’s misery What has shorn off the legs of Nermin Tulich? What madness has left them twitching on a Sarajevo  []

Then Bosnia is Lost?

(TV interview: Question: “Then Bosnia is lost, Mr. Secretary?” Answer: “Oh, no, no; we are doing everything we can; no, no…” – Spring 1993) Turning back (in anger?) and seeing clearly: yes, then Bosnia is lost! Lost in the coils of good will, of global love and cosmic order, lost in the pragmatic betrayals, in the fog of political correctness,  []