Through the Snowstorm

It was already getting dark, and yet they could not sell their cow. Hardly had anyone even looked at them, let alone asked for the price. Not even to joke about it! The old man was deeply saddened by this, and felt a great deal of pain, and had he  any tears left, he would have cried bitterly and despairingly.  []

The Battle of Simeun the Deacon

Stillness. Only the cauldron sizzles, and sometimes a spark bursts, then it scatters and goes numb as if in a rage. A heavy, suffocating smell of oil and incense wafts through the broken church windows and mingles with the tepid brandy odor that rises above the boiling cauldron. Tell me, Mićan – master Glišo shook himself as if in deep  []


Twilight had come a long time ago. On a stubble field below the village in the mountains, Lujo huddled under his coat. Only his freckled face, with large speckled eyes and locks of blond hair spilling from his forehead, stuck out. A few steps before him grazed Jablan. Every evening in the heat of summer Lujo grazed Jablan late into  []