We, Bosnians and Herzegovinians in the US

The Bosnian –Herzegovinian diaspora in the US seems to be somehow different. They do not let others call them refugees. They are exiled,, they were driven out of their homes by ethnic cleansing, and they like to point it out. In most every name of our organizations there is something Bosnian-Herzegovinian: BOSANA, BHeart, Bosnian American Professional Association (BAPA), New England  []

Special Story of Višegrad

They killed all her sons. She knew that a return to Višegrad was never going to happen, yet she never uttered a single word of hatred. The parade of Chetniks in Višegrad recalls 1992 memories from this city. When in the night of May 1992 in the place of Stupe in Višegrad, they took away my uncle Muhamed who wore  []