In the Classroom

the night slowly chokes the light around us and she closes the book her hand hovering above the cover History Primer: A Short Guide we look at each other as if trying to remember each other’s face before it becomes its own shadow the building’s roof’s a charred skeleton the classroom floor littered with textbooks notebooks the village half burned  []

Framed Memories

there came a day when everyone was dodging sniper fire a. a woman looking for godot and a tree, wearing a helmet and a flak jacket b. a man conducting a crippled orchestra in the skeleton hall of muffled history c. a woman getting short-stemmed flowers picked at impromptu cemeteries d. a girl who sneaked out to find a market  []


at the checkpoint made of tree trunks and barrels filled with sand, a group of pale bus riders standing in a meandering line depends on one man whose belly will soon have his blouse buttons burst. am I a Jew: a Muslim: a Catholic: which one does he want to hate more: will my name on the soiled piece of  []

A Refugee Concept

1.0 I have always thought that rivers are cursed for they have no place to go but into the sea No home once you start to run and Stumble blindly over the stones Wind around things you cannot go through The swelling force is not life giving but Your desperate desire that speeding up the way down will make you  []

Grandfather to Grandson

you will not remember much about me a thought here and there struggling to become an image occasional snapshots will make even more confusing whenever you set your electric train in motion, it was the train of my exile I had to forget all over again my numb fingers holding onto the air you threw your stuffed sad-eyed dog off  []

Dead End

you should have known all along things are not as they appear, though once they do they are what they are – sheer luck got you across the open space, creating the illusion the mind’s eye was to be parallel to the line of sight: but a straight path, whether there or not, is just a manifestation, to be negotiated  []

But the Truth

Everyone says that I’m a valuable witness. To what? Truth, you say? Truth is no longer naked. It wears designer clothes created on some Sunrise Avenue and stitched together in some Jamarta, San Singo, Getucipalga. Truth is no longer plain. It’s like sophisticated fake jewelry on a fabulously rich woman. You either know it’s fake but say nothing aware that  []

Baking Bread

Beyond everything unreal Nothing is the only verity – finding a blind spot of a mortar shell lighting the pilot light as the sniper’s eye blinks – Crazed calculations Courting involuntary muscles – as if the body could absorb the blow and make the brain disown the pain when the entrails rise ethereal like batter dough and a salty crust  []

A Tale

Thousand and one nights away In a city where all windows had glaucoma And hunger was a cannibal dancing in the brain, I stole voraciously candles and matches To copy the death-bed edition Of “Leaves of Grass” in minuscule letters Of another language and make it lighter In a battered vinyl case when lugged Across the powder bleached field. My  []