Volume 09 No. 4 (2014): October

- Tongariro

Hung on a cloud, the cloak of the Tongariro volcano is clasped at the neck with a single round button: Blue Lake. At the bottom of the lake, at the height of the heart, a time bomb is ticking. We try not to think, we try not to know, but its veins like prickly goose bumps are crawling up our  []

- For David Haines

After I learned that the life of humanitarian worker David Haines, a citizen of Great Britain, is under threat, I appeal to those who are keeping him in captivity to unconditionally release him so he can reunite with his family. Islam teaches us that human life is sacred. David Haines is a man who spent most of his life helping  []

- Five Talents of Gold

There is an awkward story about money in my mother’s favorite book, the Book of Books (Matthew 25:14-30). The first time I read it, long ago, it struck me as too simplistic, even naïve. Moreover, its topic appeared totally inappropriate for serious reading which was, as believed by some, dictated to the writer’s ear by God himself. The story begins  []

- The Shapes of Bosnian Souls

Here lies Linil, the eldest son of Abbot Hotonja Where are you headed? Which path will you take? Leading to whom? And why? Halt, think. Look back. Do you think with your feet rather than your mind? This stone was cut for the eldest son by the youngest brother Borjen and inscribed by the scribe Sanko. In Vrhbosna, in 1402  []