Volume 11 No. 2 (2016): April

- For Refugees, Home Is a Place Called Never

Having fled Sarajevo as a child, I find it hard to tell refugees from Syria that they will be going back. I recognized Basel immediately when the shot cut to a group of refugees standing in the rain, and he turned to look briefly at the camera. I was at home a couple of months back watching a Sky News  []

- Moving beyond Dayton

Do we celebrate or commemorate twenty years of the Dayton Peace Agreement? This was something that crossed my mind when I was invited to come to Dayton and speak about post-Dayton Bosnia and Herzegovina. I do not feel like celebrating, to be honest, although to end a war is a tremendous human and humanitarian achievement. However, the sad truth is  []

- Socrates on Šešelj

Socrates: Our disagreement turns on this single point. Now what I want to know is this: Will a man who does wrong be happy if he is brought to justice and punished? Polus: On the contrary, he will then be most miserable. Socrates: By your account, if he is not brought to justice he will be happy? Polus: Yes. Socrates:  []

- The One and Right Thing to Do Right in Connection with Karadžić’s Genocide

The verdict today by the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia (ICTY) is that Radovan Karadžić committed genocide during his effort to create a Serb state in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is yet another confirmation that the so-called “Republic of the Serbs” committed genocide at its founding. Genocide had to be committed, simply because it would be impossible to establish a Serb state on any territory  []