Volume 04 No. 2 (2009): April

Volume 04 No. 2 (2009): April

: Letter to the First Man I Saw Die

I didn’t know your name, but you became a part of my soul at the instant of your death. I was sixteen, and the war in Bosnia had just begun. Simply walking on the street  []

: To People from Sarajevo

(a greeting) Twenty years before the first multiparty elections as I watched the sweltering road along the seacoast get rolled up on the wheels like spaghetti next to my father’s sweaty shoulder I was taking  []

: Critique of Pure Reason

They taught us about the climate of Ethiopia, the sheep population of New Zealand. They taught us the area of the USSR and the countries we have borders with. When my next-door neighbor showed up  []

: Spasić (More Than a Game)

To Adin While the country I was born in was approaching its forced landing our life and football appetites were soaring high. Deaf and blind to the questions that’d started exploding right in our faces,  []

: Friends in the Universe

Those I know have all grown old, my scattered friends. The snow is getting rusty in Sweden, from the other side of the globe brief electronic messages buzz in: there’s a fire, or else there  []

: There Is Less and Less Space

The earth has done its work. We wouldn’t have thought it, my brother and I, but a friend said to us “Your father’s gotten slimmer.” “Huh?” “His grave is sinking in!” We went to the  []

: You Love?

It’s a secret thought, it’s the smallest of worms That slowly nibbles and warms the blood How so? On an eyelash of dreams a little dust At a casual smile moist with fear It banishes  []

: Who Are we Bosniaks

Who are we Bosnians of the Muslim faith and what do we want in our homeland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in a region to which we are connected by heritage and historical background, and Europe in  []

: Bosnian at Wilberforce University

As indelible memories go, this basketball moment will be a lot less traumatic than the first one. Elmir Brkanić will be honored on the court tonight, Feburary 13th, 2009, at Wilberforce University’s Gaston Lewis Arena.  []

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