You Love?

You Love?

It’s a secret thought, it’s the smallest of worms
That slowly nibbles and warms the blood

How so?
On an eyelash of dreams a little dust
At a casual smile moist with fear
It banishes all that’s gray and stiff from a head
Born of a thought, it lives on hope

What’s that?
A purple smile in a singing wind
The snowy whiteness of a moon’s spectrum
A tiny drop that changes the universe
Hidden in the sky, a flower of stars

Why then?
I can see: rain and cloud, tune and color
And what emerges: soul and eye of an altered style
I can hear: a touch a smile a dream
And I feel a look washed from all blackness.

That something, no one knows what,
It has no reason, it’s there while it lasts
They say that all good is born in the head
But I’m a warrior for the whole truth:
In life, light is overtaken by darkness
From darkness not only your head protects you
One must love, for life and breath
All the way to the end, till into dust you turn.

So, then, say that love is born in a heart
But it rules on its own:
I exist, and therefore I LOVE
I LOVE, therefore I EXIST

Translated by Omer Hadžiselimović and Keith Doubt – © 2009 Omer Hadžiselimović and Keith Doubt

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