Derviš Sušić, The Bosnian Spirit in Literature

The emancipation process in the field of story-writing literature has been much slower and more difficult, which is understandable, taking into account the fact that the basic idea of the national interpretation of Bosnian literature and its history had been the idea of the so-called “Bosnian story” that was proclaimed a model and flower for Serbian literature and that then  []

Is a New Literature Emerging in Bosnia and Herzegovina? (Notes on Recent Works about our Country: An Excerpt)

The loss of Bosnia that we have experienced and the way in which we have experienced it is such that the country keeps coming back into our thoughts as it once was. We feel an urge to bring it back the way we experienced it and loved it. It is like the love that wishes to remain forever the same  []

Who Are we Bosniaks

Who are we Bosnians of the Muslim faith and what do we want in our homeland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in a region to which we are connected by heritage and historical background, and Europe in which we belong geo-politically and culturally? When the identity of a people is in question as well as those characteristics which define its identity, there  []

Reflections On the Responsibilities of the International Community For The War In Bosnia And Herzegovina

The question regarding the responsibilities for the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina brings to attention the responsibilities of the international community. It requires focusing on those members of the international community who had the greatest impact on the course of events in ex-Yugoslavia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in terms of creating the conditions for the beginning of the war, supporting  []

The Bosnian Spirit in Literature – What is it?

A research attempt on the occasion of the collection of poems The Stone Sleeper by Mak Dizdar The collection of poems entitled The Stone Sleeper by Mak Dizdar has long been in our bookshop windows and on readers, critics, and reviewers’ desks––who spared no effort or word to praise it, to call for yet another review, however affirmative it might  []