Volume 07 No. 2 (2012): April

Volume 07 No. 2 (2012): April

: A Decree Arrived from Istanbul

A decree arrived from Istanbul, An order from Travnik, Right to the city of Sarajevo, Delivered into the hands of Dizdar-aga: To capture the two Morić brothers, The two Morić brothers, the two young men,  []

: Karl May, et al.

Consider Karl of Ernstthal A. k.a. Kara Ben Nemsi Who’d never been To Ottoman Turkey And only posthumously Bore the Wild West Clear to South Dakota Where a Shatterhand Would as soon kick aside As  []

: On Andrić’s Bosnia

These are the reasons why it is not possible to define Ivo Andrić’s group identity exclusively by ethno-national standards. For the same reasons, it is, strictly speaking, impossible to define the ethno-national cultures in Bosnia  []

: Tornjak

Also known as the Bonanski Ovcar Tornjak, this ancient breed has been protecting the flocks of sheep and cattle in Bosnia and Croatia for at least 1,000 years. The word ‘tor’ means a sheep-pen. The  []

: My Bilov is World Champion (2006)

SANICA … Mujaga Selman, breeder of Bosnian shepherd dogs from Sanica, Bosnia Herzegovina, crowned his long-time breeder’s work with first place in the World Dog Show, held recently in the Polish city of Poznan. Selman’s  []

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