For David Haines
sebilj andric mak-dizdar

For David Haines

After I learned that the life of humanitarian worker David Haines, a citizen of Great Britain, is under threat, I appeal to those who are keeping him in captivity to unconditionally release him so he can reunite with his family. Islam teaches us that human life is sacred. David Haines is a man who spent most of his life helping people in need all around the world. He worked keenly to help Muslim refugees and returnees in Bosnia and Herzegovina during and after the war of 1992-95. Muslims in Bosnia are grateful to all people who helped them in a difficult time, and David Haines was one of their sincere friends

The release of the detained aid worker is the only rational, moral and religiously justified act, as his life and current position will not help his captors to solve their problems or win their wars against their enemies. Instead, by releasing him, they will show their human nature and their virtue.

Having suffered grave injustices and death themselves, Muslims of Bosnia and Herzegovina feel that it is their moral and religious obligation to express their serious concerns when innocent people are being killed or tortured. For this reason, and in the peaceful spirit of Islam, I appeal for the release of the detained British aid worker as the killing of an innocent person equals the killing of the whole humankind

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