Don’t break my locust trees
sebilj andric mak-dizdar

Don’t break my locust trees

I believe, honorable judge,
That you understand the people well
You at least have an occupation
temper is temper but the law is the law
I believe, distinguished figure, you studied law
To fairly judge each person
Honour is honour and authority is authority

Let the laws govern, I am all for that.
There wouldn’t be this blood, if the law were obeyed
authority is authority and I respect that
There are law articles that you pick and choose
So let it be the same for the devil and the deacon
So let it be known

So they have stomped on my fields
and refreshed themselves with my plums
The thieves were always there
Because the owl is an owl and a wolf, a wolf
Never enough evil doers in the world

The droughts ruined my melon
And the ice covered my harvest
Ice is ice, but order is order
And it’s gone on too long

I had a forest of locust trees
Down there by the path
So I waited, what’s right is right

Slowly neighbors
You can’t just come in and wreck another’s
I said so nicely:
Don’t break my locust trees
Without them the winds will blow me away
Leave them there, they must protect
My one secret gold as ducats

Don’t break my locust trees
I kissed her under them
Barefooted and released from her dream

We are people, honored judge
But let it be as it will be
I am sad for black veils
A tear is tear, but a sword a sword

Don’t ask what would happen
If once again, it happened
Don’t ask me if I have regrets
hate is hate, but order is order

Let the laws govern
There are law articles to pick and choose
So grab them with honestly , for the believer and the unbeliever
Order is order, and I respect it
Because there’d be more murderers than birds
That travel northwards

Don’t break my Locust tree
Without them the winds will blow me away
Leave them there, I need them to shield
A secret as gold as ducats
Don’t break my locust tree
I kissed her under them
Do I have to say it again
Get away from them, otherwise I will have to break you

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