Volume 14 No. 2 (2019): April

- Don’t break my locust trees

I believe, honorable judge, That you understand the people well You at least have an occupation temper is temper but the law is the law I believe, distinguished figure, you studied law To fairly judge each person Honour is honour and authority is authority Let the laws govern, I am all for that. There wouldn’t be this blood, if the  []

- Political Reflection on Đorđe Balašević’s Ballad, “Ne Lomite Mi Bagrenje”

“Don’t Break my Locus Trees” is a popular ballad frequently heard today in cafes and on the radio in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, and Serbia. Listeners from different ethnic communities, young and old, identify with Đorđe Balašević’s bitter-sweet song. The pathos of the ballad’s moral lament rings true for the inhabitants of the poly-ethnic society of former-Yugoslavia. Vinko Tadić and Goran Đurđević  []

- Morning among the Trees

In the forceful fine dust That showers down from the blue fountain On my palms are hot poppies Withered branches already dark ripe Early wounds and crows From a jump that never falls into any sweetness The flower of a vanished smile Live barefooted desires And there is the dear moisture in the depth of a dark eye And the  []

- Festive Night

”Have you heard the wind blowing today around noon time from the distant mountains still covered by the deep snow? Tonight is a festive night. The fruit trees are awakening tonight, they are awakening from their winter sleep and rest.” Bencion turned to his wife. ”Open the window, please,” – he said. The mother stood up and slowly opened one  []