Three Short Films:  Descriptions and Vimeo Links

Three Short Films:  Descriptions and Vimeo Links



This understated ethnographic film provides an intimate view of a refugee center where over fifty families have lived for twenty years after the war. Despite their isolation and neglect, several families engage with their children who were born as refugees and remain refugees in their own country in menial tasks such as collecting coal and harvesting herbs.  The community of fifty homes lives with no hope of change, and the story the documentary tells comes to represent not only Ježevac, but Bosnia as a country.

Password: g3t059

Director: Ines Tanović

Producer: Amra Bakšić Ćamo

Writer: Ines Tanović

Editors: Nijaz Kožljak Redžinald Šimek

Cinematography:  Mustafa Mustafić

Subtitle: English

Running time: 25 minutes


  • 2014 DOK Leipzig – Country Focus Ex-Yu
  • SFF Documentary Film Competition Program 2014



In August 2010, during the repair of the turbines of the hydroelectric power plant Bajina Bašta, body remains of more than 250 incomplete skeletons were found in the mud of the artificial lake Perućac; the remains belong mostly to Bosniaks slaughtered by members of the army of Republika Srpska in Višegrad and its surrounding area in the period of 1992/95. The forensic team is racing against time because the Republic of Serbia threatens to release water from the dam and flood the lake again, after which a terrible war crime would again disappear under water.

“In this cinema vérité film without words, the Bosnian director follows the ordinary workers’ day. Their job ultimately shapes the destiny of thousands who are still waiting to bury their loved ones murdered in the last war. The author is equally involved and calm and observant, leaving room for contemplation.” Rada Šešić 

Password: rijeka

Director: Ines Tanović

Producer: Alem Babić,

Cinematographer: Almir Đikoli

Editor: Nijaz Kožljak

Script: Ines Tanović

Subtitle: English

Runtime: 17 min.


  • Sarajevo Film Festival 2011. – Competition documentary program
  • Ljubljana International Short Film Festival 2012.
  • ZAGREBDOX 2012 – Regional competition
  • Krakow film festival 2012 – Short film competition
  • South East European Film Festival, Los Angeles 2012 – Short program
  • Internationales Film Festival Innsbruck – Sud.Ost.Europa program
  • Herceg Novi Film Festival Montenegro Film 2012 – Competition documentary  program
  • Mediteran Film Festival Siroki Brijeg 2012 – Competition program
  • Screening at the Frontline Club in London 10.09.2012.
  • 21th edition of our European Film Festival dokumentART German Polish program 17-20.11.2012.
  • Itching – Scratching film festival 1.-2.11.2013. Aarhus / Denmark
  • Culturescapes Balkan/Neues Kino Basel, November-December 2013 (screened in the framework of Human Rights Sarajevo).  Screened in Basel, Genf, Bern, Chur, Zurich – Schweiz
  • Leipzig festival 2014
  • Nordisk festival 2014


  • BIG STAMP for Best Film in Regional Competition Program ZagrebDox 2012.



The short film featured in an omnibus with four other directors titled “Some Other Stories” (Neke Druge Priče) sharply captures the microaggression of an international worker in a wartorn country. Haris, a Bosnian man, is in love with Heder, a Holland girl working with the European Commission in Sarajevo. While Heder thinks she is in love with Haris, when she learns that she is pregnant, she makes a calculated decision not to tell him about the pregnancy. The story re-examines the conflict between Haris’s deep attachment and Heder’s love game, which only occasionally exceeds the boundaries of mere erotic pleasure.

Password:  amigos2010 

Director: Ines Tanovic

Screenwriter: Ines Tanovic

Cinematography: Erol Zubcevic

Cast: Fedja Stukan, Nina Violic, Jasna Beri, Emir Hadzihafizbegovic, Aleksandar Seksan

Subtitle: English

Running time: 20 minutes


  • Athens (Panorama of European Cinema), Best Film Award
  • Pula (FEDEORA Award, Federation of European & -Meditorenian Film Critics)
  • Palic, Special mention
  • Herceg Novi, Special Jury Award
  • Vrnjacka Banja, third award for screenplay
  • Portoroz, costume designer (for Slovenian segment)


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