Mission Statement
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Mission Statement

Spirit of Bosnia has been publishing quarterly since 2006. Spirit of Bosnia disseminates scholarly research and writing on the history, politics, and literature of Bosnia-Herzegovina to honor and preserve the long-standing traditions of social and civil order that created Bosnia’s heritage. Notable scholars such as Ivo Banac, Tone Bringa, Robert Donia, John Fine, Ivan Lovrenović, Rusmir Mahmutćehajić, Noel Malcolm and others provide compelling accounts of how a vibrant, noble Bosnian tradition exists historically, culturally, and politically. This tradition, however, is either overlooked because of misleading or inadequate education or denied because of conflicting political agendas, whether local or international. What Rusmir Mahmutćehajić has called the denial of Bosnia occurs not only in policy but also in academic discussions. This non-recognition of Bosnia–– – this failure to grasp what Bosnia is–– – is common in scholarly contexts. In this issue, we re-publish a few distinctive essays that affirm with reason and passion this fine tradition. 

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