The estates in our neighbourhood were renowned for their fields, forests and cattle. Widely known were the arable land, groves, horses and oxen. Everybody could list the possessions of a high standing estate and what counted as its property in the village. Less was known about the other, invisible part of someone’s fortune. It was the possession in ducats, money  []

A Garden the Color of Mallow

Men are, typically, bad at telling colors apart. Still, it would have been hard to find someone as clueless in the matter of colors as my grandfather. His spectrum boiled down to four basic colors, and as for all the rest—either they did not exist or (if the old guy was in a good mood) they were reduced, in short  []

My Dear Zijo

I know I am writing a letter that cannot reach its addressee, but my comfort is that it will be read by the one who loves us both. It is very late at night and I don’t feel like sleeping. In this time of night one can only talk to ghosts and memories, and I am thinking about the golden  []