Volume 09 No. 3 (2014): July

- The Ethnopedagogical Mosaic of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Contemporary pedagogy as a science has been going through a crises similar to that of other humanistic sciences. Humanity faces problems that indirectly and directly relate to education. Attempts to resolve these problems and challenges often, especially in the so-called transitional societies, end up as unsuccessful reforms of the formal educational system. This failure has led to the beginning of a  []

- Bosnian Rivers

“Bosanske reke / Bosnian Rivers” is a family game, which we would play while traveling to the seaside by car, especially while chocking on the dust as we were crossing the craggy roads of Romanija mountain. I continued playing the game later in my life: even now, it is a pleasant pastime on my travels to Bosnia. The game is played on an “ousting”  []

- I Once Lived in a House

If they had told me before how many times a man can die, I might have found a horse in order to flee. First, we all died; they took our fathers they took our honor and dignity they took our sanity, and they made us into fools because we believed. I died when I buried my first And then, I  []

- Eternal Bliss

Blessed are those Who can stare at evil as it is the sun, With eyes half closed Through a veil of black lashes And the veil of lasting peace … Blessed are those Who are unmoved by discomfort, Who cannot distinguish between dreams and reality And who cry without tears … Blessed are those Happy, forever and ever Who hear  []

- My Day

World! Believe me! It will come Very soon And I shall call it My Day And I shall trust That it exists Just like His smile His words Exist Just like My poetry In its wilderness Exists Just like Everything But myself Exists Translated by Alma Jeftić

- Memories

Memories, stones of the past in a motionless foundation Build us for an eternity Memories, birds of the north open the doors of darkness, and the doors of light, and again fly south Memory, colorful rugs Woven with threads of cobweb Spread out for flight Flight Flight from the foundation. Translated by Keith Doubt