Volume 09 No. 2 (2014): April

- I’d Prefer

I’d prefer to watch with delight the mastery of a crow as it cracks a walnut (the hidden substance reachable only by shattering a world) and then drops it from above a busy city intersection and then waits for the boring cars to pass so that she can feast on it I’d prefer to go to the Botanical Garden of  []

- It’s Good

The day and sky above, In their proper places. A neat image for survival. It’s good, I say, It’s good. Bones under the ground, A table on the ground, A fruit bowl on the table. Grapes and plums. We’re in the shade of the tree, Wind in the tree-top, slow, so we can feel its breath. We do not watch  []

- Christmas in Prague

Street lamps were burning on all sides and the decorated trees were shining bright. Petards, rockets, fireworks. The celebratory shooting made the atmosphere relaxing, almost home-like. I told her about a Dane to whom, over beer and in miserable English, I’d tried to explain why I wasn’t going home for Christmas. We pressed against each other in the cold, tiny  []

- A Prayer on the Road

Lord, who brought me to this moment unseen guide me farther still to my final wish Do not leave me, tired and alone in the middle of the road my cheeks are pale and my thoughts dangle helplessly like my arms Lord Let the new blue morning Lift up my tired thoughts Let a surge of fresh red blood pass  []

- Epitaph

Never had I much … Never had I lacked … Yet … I shared In the village of Vrpolje, near Trebinje, there is a necropolis comprising eighteen stećaks. One of them bears an inscription indicating that it is the resting place of Prefect Medulin. The inscription indicates that he was not a rich man, though he always did good deeds.  []

- Socrates and Bosnia

When I was a student of philosophy before the war, I was puzzled by one aspect of Socrates’ teaching. Namely, in Plato’s dialogue the Gorgias, Socrates, in discussion with Polus, says that injustice is the greatest evil. To Polus’ question whether he would rather suffer injustice or to do injustice Socrates replies that he would not want either, but if  []

- Philosophy in Bosnia and Herzegovina between 2000 and 2013

This paper provides a brief overview of the position of philosophy in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the last thirteen years. Philosophy is studied on five philosophical faculties or universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo (The University of Sarajevo), Faculty of Philosophy in East Sarajevo (The University of East Sarajevo), Faculty of Philosophy in Tuzla (The University  []