Volume 09 No. 1 (2014): January

- The Shapes of Bosnian Souls

Here lies Ahmat Stuk on his noble land. Let it be known that since my brother carved this stone and it was laid in the field upon me, never a traveller on earth nor a star by night will lose its way. In my death I have become a waypost. In the 1192nd Year of Our Lord, in the month  []

- The National Museum in Sarajevo

The National Museum in Sarajevo is a unique monument, not only of culture, but also of an innovative concept of interdisciplinary collaboration between the humanities and social sciences. It was established in 1888 as a showcase of the new Austro-Hungarian rule following  the  annexation of  Bosnia and Herzegovina. It brought together the study of geography, geology, archaeology, and folklore; it  []

- Introduction: The Muslim road to the Communist triumph in Yugoslavia

There have been only two successful, indigenous Communist-led revolutions in Europe’s history. The first was the Bolshevik revolution in Russia, and the second and last was the revolution in the western Balkans, specifically Yugoslavia and Albania, that took place during World War II. Whereas the first of these revolutions has generated an enormous quantity of scholarly literature in the English  []

- My Bosnian Loves

This is a short catalogue of my passions linked with Bosnia: this is not a nostalgic narrative, but rather an overview of texts, people, and things that largely determined my life. As an only child who lived on books in a Belgrade family of limited means, I enjoyed considerable privileges. Among other things (once they had taken out a cash  []

- Secret

Like a bird sitting On the right Hand Oops Flies away My bird   Translated by Keith Doubt