Volume 03 No. 1 (2008): January

- Conversation

To R. Konstantinović I wanted to listen, hear, understand the conversation between one wave and one conch But they told me, nice but have you been listening, hearing, understanding the conversation of those who walk upright like you of those who soar beneath heaven’s clouds like you but like you they are not birds they descend to the bottom of  []

- Bosnia And Herzegovina: Facing the Challenge of Independence

Introduction What holds today’s Bosnia and Herzegovina together? Unfortunately, there is no internal cohesive energy that would be strong enough to keep it together if the international community would cease to guard its integrity. This insight is disturbing, but if it is accurate, there is no use turning one’s head away from it. Rather, this insight should serve as the  []

- Invitation to Dear Jesus

Oh, Jesus, how I would love it if you would care To come into my humble home, Where quite ordinary things hang on the wall Where the day dies early in the windows. I would tell you how I light a dim candle To make this short day last longer. How I live quite a simple life. And serve with  []

- The Sephardim of Bosnia

In the sixteenth century, at the time of the arrival of the Sephardim in Bosnia, the Ottoman Empire was at the peak of its power, constantly advancing westward and northward; during the rule of Suleiman the Magnificent (1520-1566), it would reach its greatest glory. That time coincides with the greatest power of the Sephardic community, its ascendance, and success: it  []

- Where the World War Began

The Great War began in Sarajevo, on a hot summer day in 1914. It was a Sunday; I was a student. In the afternoon a girl came by, in pigtails as was the custom in those days. She held a large yellow straw hat in her hand. The hat was like summer: it reminded one of hay, crickets, and poppies.  []