Volume 16 No. 1 (2021):January

- Selected poems of Milorad Pejić in Czech translation

Bosnian-Herzegovinian literature has been translated to Czech more than to any other language. However, the poetry translations are so rare that each constitutes a special cultural moment. From 1911 – when the first Czech translation of selected poems was published – until today, an entire century has passed with a mere nine poetry translations. This edition of Milorad Pejić’s poems,  []

- The End of War

The end of war does not mean peace. It is simply the end of war, the end of death and destruction. Every story of war includes a chapter that almost always goes untold—the story of the aftermath, which day by day becomes the prologue of the future. —Photographer Sara Terry   Online Exhibit, Dayton International Peace Museum “The Dayton Peace  []

- Republika Srpska as the spoils of war that Serbia will not give up

Republika Srpska is the spoils of war that Serbia will not give up easily. The survival of Republika Srpska is the priority in the security strategy of Serbia. Without solving the Bosnian issue, the stability of the Balkans will remain questionable, says Sonja Biserko. The 25th anniversary of the Dayton Accords is a reason for one more look at the  []

- Always a Cosmopolitan Crossroads

Bosnia-Hercegovina has always been coveted. Its first known settlers were Illyrians. We know them only from the ancient Greeks, who traded with them for gold, copper and tin, and from the Romans, who conquered them as part of their empire, starting before 100 BCE. The Roman Empire, too large to govern, was divided into Eastern and Western halves in 286  []

- Interview on the Political Future of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Šušnica: Moscow and Belgrade will try in every way to transfer the issue of the  organization of Bosnia and Herzegovina from the framework and mechanisms of the Dayton Agreement and the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the framework of the Security Council, where Russia possesses veto power. That will become possible through the change in the reality of the  []