Volume 13 No. 4 (2018): October

- Innocent Child, Who Showed Them No Fear

Sometimes it’s hard remembering just how perfect our life was in Kozarac before the war; we were not rich but we had more than enough. We lived in a Communist country so there was not that much to want anyway. There was nothing missing in our lives. Most of the time our parents were busy working on the farm, and  []

- Sheikh Sinan-Baba and Pobro

Famous people from Srebrenik’s history Today, we can conclude with sadness that a significant part of Srebrenik’s history, in a certain way due to the lack of resources, has been lost forever. However, the situation is even worse when it comes to people who have been very important in past times, and who have certainly positioned themselves deeply in the  []

- Two schools under one roof

Segregated schooling, called “two schools under one roof” (Dvije škole pod jednim krovom), is common in the central and southern parts of the country primarily populated by Muslims (Bosniaks) and Croats. As the term suggests, the main features of the system are that students effectively constitute two distinct schools in one building. Students attend school in two shifts, with a  []

- Brotherhood of faces in the universe

Do not be afraid! You are not alone. There are others than you who unknown by you live within you. And everything which you were, will be, and dream Burns in them with the very same passion, beauty, and purity. Be not proud. Your thoughts are not only yours. They live in others. We have all crossed the same roads  []