Brotherhood of faces in the universe

Brotherhood of faces in the universe

Do not be afraid! You are not alone. There are others than you
who unknown by you live within you.
And everything which you were, will be, and dream
Burns in them with the very same passion, beauty, and purity.

Be not proud. Your thoughts are not only yours. They live in others.
We have all crossed the same roads in darkness.
We were all wandering, searching under the sign, in the same manner
And all in the same manner are admired.

You share something with everyone. More of you are the same.
And remember that this is so from ancient times.
And we are all repeating, even the great and the pure,
Like children who do not even know their names.

Others share with us our power and our sins.
And our dreams are only from one common well.
And the food of our soul is from our common bowl.
And selfishness is the seal in the middle of the forehead.

We stand man against man, in the knowledge
That we are all better, between ourselves. We together are dark.
And our blood, and the defeat of all of us in slaughtering,
Again is only a single history of the souls.

Frightening it is to say in the ears of the arrogant,
But gleeful for very desperate happiness,
That we are all the same in evil and joy.
That we are burdened by the destiny resting on the back.

I am there in another foreigner, and in the stars,
Far way, disentangled, and here in one thread,
In the flower no longer broken in the world passing by.
And when will ever I be there in my essence?

I am thus myself, stubborn, and even when I am gone
I am the stake from a hilltop sacrificed among the masses.
Oh universe! I live and die in everybody
I persevere in brotherhood without a name.


Translated by Keith Doubt

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