Volume 11 No. 4 (2016): October

- How Far Are We from Understanding Our Own Past?

Over the past thirty years many articles, including serious scholarly studies, have been written about the Memorandum of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences (1986). Meant to stand as a signpost for Serbia’s course at the turn of the century and a list of rational solutions, the SANU Memorandum did not serve this purpose, agree the authors who have  []

- Sarajevo: A Beginner’s Guide

My paradox is complete: I don’t want to remember and yet I cannot forget. By mid-1992, I thought it would be over in a few days. By mid-1995, I realized it would never end. These two erroneous predictions outline the agony of the city that was able to survive without water longer than without cigarettes. And today, many, many years  []

- On the Necessity of Dialogue among Religions and Cultures

Today, global society is  in the stage of searching for a model of social cohabitation. The problem lies in the fact that global societies have constructed their identities through culture and religion and therefore the process of cohabitation with others appears only as a process of assimilation. The solution to this difficulty is usually found in a compromise that is  []