Volume 01 No. 2 (2006): April

- I, Too, Like Prince Andrey

from a green meadow, wounded, was staring at the sky. There was nothing for a million miles around. Yes, miles, as if the immense void that Roared around me was in fact the open sea. Stark and boundless. From everything, under the sky, Only a blind starkness remained that roared brutally. At first, to be sure, Serb frogs could be  []

- Girl’s Blouse

It’s getting dark, and in the west someone’s foot Has knocked over a jug of wine, pouring it all over the horizon. The new moon looks like horns on a helmet in which, in films, Moses is shown. Pines smell of a mixture of lemons and incense A soldier, long and brittle like a rye stalk, is doing sentry duty.  []

- Says Rebecca West

After the Balkan War, the Turks suddenly left, but the hatred remained. Now it’s exploding in Bosnia. The hatred endures, although its subject has evaporated. The human soul has always lagged behind the world. The soul is a whirlpool mirroring in winter the cranes flown south in autumn. For five centuries the Turks were their guests. And they left overnight.  []

- The Bosnian Fleur-de-lis

Can a people and its state be deprived of the right to their state insignia? The fleur-de-lis state insignia of Bosnia and Herzegovina (coat of arms and flag), used during the 1992-1995 war and several post-war years, was replaced by the international community with a new one that remains in use today. Instead of the golden lilies, which for centuries  []

- In the Evening You Lie Down in Bed

and you know you are lying down in vain: tomorrow you will get up still more enervated than when you lay down. In the morning you get up from bed and you know that you are getting up in vain: yesterday’s day is awaiting you, with yesterday’s stress. With the humiliations of the day before yesterday. With the despair of  []