Volume 01 No. 1 (2006): January
sebilj andric mak-dizdar

Volume 01 No. 1 (2006): January

: Mission Statement

One over-looked casualty of the war in Bosnia is her collective commitment to a pluralistic, tolerant, integrated society. Unconscionable violence and vicious propaganda were brought to bear against her heritage, cultural convictions, social practices, and  []

: Bridges

Of all the things created and built by humankind as a part of life’s effort, nothing in my mind is better or worthier than bridges. They are more important than houses, more sacred, and more  []

: Sea

On the palm of a hand a flower On the palm of a hand a shower On the palm of a hand ice And you You only worry about your worry Without worry Translated by  []

: Apple Blossom

The snows are growing ever deeper and blacker like sins In a life that is drawing near its end Will we still have eyes When in the garden the apple tree bears its first white  []

: Bosnia After Dayton

Bosnia is a name for a model of community life shared by the inheritors of different holy traditions. Its history bears witness to efforts to formalize this model in contemporary modes of thought. In an  []

: Beneath the Things

Death like a heavy shadow has escorted me for some time I would already have died gladly, beautifully, publicly if only I could have kissed that death Translated by Keith Doubt – © 2006 Keith  []

: Lilies

In both field and mountain the white lilies have bloomed So in field and mountain the lily seems to speak In mount and dale every lily Seems to blaze And when so pensive among the  []

: The Hypocrisy of Democracy

The signing of the Dayton Accords should have provided the majority of the inhabitants of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the hoped-for return of prewar values. The Dayton Accords ended the bloody war in Bosnia and  []

: Note on the Shield

I asked for a good shield to protect me Then I threw it away for its goodness Weighed heavily on me Translated by Keith Doubt – © 2006 Keith Doubt

: Hiža of Mile

The hiža [ref] Mile was for a time the seat of the head of the Bosnian Church. King Tvrtko (who ruled Bosnia from 1353 to 1391) was probably crowned there as King of Bosnia. The  []

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