Volume 09 No. 3 (2014): July

Volume 09 No. 3 (2014): July

: Bosnian Rivers

“Bosanske reke / Bosnian Rivers” is a family game, which we would play while traveling to the seaside by car, especially while chocking on the dust as we were crossing the craggy roads of Romanija mountain. I  []

: Eternal Bliss

Blessed are those Who can stare at evil as it is the sun, With eyes half closed Through a veil of black lashes And the veil of lasting peace … Blessed are those Who are  []

: My Day

World! Believe me! It will come Very soon And I shall call it My Day And I shall trust That it exists Just like His smile His words Exist Just like My poetry In its  []

: Memories

Memories, stones of the past in a motionless foundation Build us for an eternity Memories, birds of the north open the doors of darkness, and the doors of light, and again fly south Memory, colorful  []

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