Volume 05 No. 1 (2010): January

- Belgrade and Banjaluka: Together for Partition of Bosnia

Regardless of the party in power, Serbia’s strategy for Bosnia-Herzegovina is a constant. Belgrade has not given up its strategic goals in Bosnia-Herzegovina: the safeguard of Republika Srpska as laid down in the Dayton Peace Agreement. Serbia therefore seizes every opportunity to insist on the status quo and invoke the Dayton Agreement as “the only legal and legitimate international act”  []

- Paths

You have resolved that I shall not be and at all costs You come towards me and in your haste Laughing and weeping You sweep And destroy All before you You have resolved to destroy me at all costs But you cannot find The true path To me Because You know the deepcut and wellworn paths And no other (And  []

- The Waterfall (Jajce)

Above the roar of a high waterfall a magic town grows, dark and tightly knit, above the water’s blaze; the cascading whiteness widely its freshness throws, the eternal youth of the waters that human eyes amaze. These are the forces of the Earth that endlessly boil. One river magically into the other falls. The black branches frame that white turmoil  []

- Andrija Pavlič’s Bosnian Mass

Andrija Pavlič, for the 800 anniversary of the Franciscan order, which has been alive in Bosnia with the Bosnian Franciscans for over 700 years, composed a mass with the Latin text called Missa Bosniensis. He also wrote a dedication: Dedicated to St. Francis Assisi, to all those unhappy, abandoned, and lost of this world, to the Bosnian Franciscans and to  []