Volume 03 No. 4 (2008): October

Volume 03 No. 4 (2008): October

: Bosnians in Death and the Dervish

Hasan remembered how in Constantinople he had spoken about the dignity of his countrymen, and laughed. Fortunately for himself, he did not hold anything against anyone or complain. He took everything that happened to him  []

: Circe

She sings still boisterously for a long time And we do not really know who she is or what she is And when we eat these well-baked tasty cakes That she herself prepares and serves  []

: Uncle Radovan

(This text is a slightly modified version of an article written toward the end of the war in Bosnia and first published in the Boston daily The Christian Science Monitor, July 19, 1995) Radovan Karadžić  []

: Signature

Something has changed between me and people since I became a parent to one of them. – Paul Claudel I’m running home with my little daughter – again, shells have surprised us on the street.  []

: Like Everything Else

Like everything else our language is particular to us Outsiders cannot learn it it’s gibberish to them Yesterday I heard a woman say “This war has destroyed my life” Why do we always say “this  []

: In Sarajevo I Was Happy

In Sarajevo I was happy there cafés theater nightlife twenty minutes to the mountains three hours to the sea a good job a cosmopolitan life but when the war started I felt unsafe so I  []

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