Volume 06 No. 3 (2011): July

Volume 06 No. 3 (2011): July

: Remembering Sarajevo

The following are three “entries” from An Occasional Diary of Love and War, which the author has planned and partly written and which spans some fifty years of his life in Bosnia – from his  []

: On Stereotypes and Bosnia

In modern times where the world is bombarded by media and other peoples’ perceptions of reality, stereotypes are the tools for processing experience and human communication. We costume and dress up our perceptions communicating through  []

: Ruždi-pasha and the Jews of Sarajevo

A certain Jew of Sarajevo by the name of Moshe Havijo converted to Islam in Travnik, and through trickery insinuated himself into an order of dervishes and received the name Dervish Ahmed. To the untaught  []

: Katarina’s Story

D.O.M. Catherine Reginae Bosnensi Stephani Ducis San (c) ti Sabbae Sorori, Et genere Helene et Domo Principis Stephani natae, Tomae Regis Bosnae Uxori. Quantum vixit annorum LIIII Et odbormivit Romae Anno Domini Et odbormivit Romae Anno Domini MCCCCLXXVIII  []

: Legends about Queen Katarina

By assembling the folk traditions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the historian Vlajko Palavestra noticed that the memories of events and individuals from medieval Bosnia live even to this day. This fact especially applies to stories  []

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