Volume 06 No. 2 (2011): April

Volume 06 No. 2 (2011): April

: The Rose in a Storm, Zlatko Ugljen

“O rose, pure contradiction…“, Rilke Zlatko Ugljen, a professor, threefold academic, master artist in our modern times, and creator of unfaltering architecture is turning eighty. Zlatko was born in the city of Mostar, to which  []

: The Sirens

Come, renowned man Of great Achaean fame Come Does your great heart That turned to stone in Troy Does your hardened heart This song fear Come renowned man   Translated by Keith Doubt – ©  []

: Prayer

My Jesus protect us from those who protect you defend us from those who defend you those who protect you from the men in despair who blaspheme your name   the young men similar to you  []

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