Volume 05 No. 3 (2010): July

Volume 05 No. 3 (2010): July

: Separating History from Myth: An Interview

Rabia Ali: The war in Bosnia-Herzegovina has been generally perceived in the West as a civil war or a tribal blood feud ––the product of centuries-old enmities between the Serbs, Croats, and Muslims. In the  []

: An American in Bosnia

Oct. 6, 1969, Monday. Across Serbia southwest of Beograd. From this flat country we got into hillier & hillier terrain, and by the time we crossed the beautiful Drina at Zvornik we were definitely in  []

: Day of Rest Seventh Day

The Book of Genesis Chapter One In the beginning thou didst create the heaven and the earth And the earth was without form and void And there was darkness over the abyss And thou saidest  []

: Snow Has Fallen

Snow has fallen on the springtime fruit trees, Time to love whoever you may please. If she won’t hear, there’s no way to push her, Love is no use if she cannot choose. If my  []

: Remembering the 1995 Srebrenica Genocide

At the Bosniak Institute in Sarajevo on July 8, 2010, BZK “Preporod” (“Renaissance”) organized a lecture on remembering the Srebrenica genocide 1995-2010. The speakers that evening were the president of BZK “Preporod” Senadin Lavić and  []

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