Volume 05 No. 1 (2010): January

Volume 05 No. 1 (2010): January

: Paths

You have resolved that I shall not be and at all costs You come towards me and in your haste Laughing and weeping You sweep And destroy All before you You have resolved to destroy  []

: The Waterfall (Jajce)

Above the roar of a high waterfall a magic town grows, dark and tightly knit, above the water’s blaze; the cascading whiteness widely its freshness throws, the eternal youth of the waters that human eyes  []

: Andrija Pavlič’s Bosnian Mass

Andrija Pavlič, for the 800 anniversary of the Franciscan order, which has been alive in Bosnia with the Bosnian Franciscans for over 700 years, composed a mass with the Latin text called Missa Bosniensis. He  []

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