Volume 02 No. 1 (2007): January

Volume 02 No. 1 (2007): January

: I Am Not a Person From Sarajevo

in Sarajevo April is truly the cruelest month where fantasy and horror mix in the test tubes of the bodies ghosts hang in the air, ghosts of literary schizophrenia you only have to pick them,  []

: Salvation

I live on the other side of all things I am not of isms, nor did I come out of anybody’s uniform I hate most the literary evenings and festivals There I feel all the  []

: The Una

that is my river in her I have recognized myself there where the reeds are the braids of travertine nymphs who in August, when the water level lowers, show their thighs on which walk incandescent  []

: Inscriptions On Bosnian Medieval Tombstones (Stecaks)

In their conciseness and formal characteristics, marginal records are comparable to inscriptions, which appear on stecaks but also church buildings, judicial chairs, mausoleums, and chastisement inscriptions. Just as authors of marginal records, whether with their  []

: Letter to Anne

The British writer Lawrence Durrell (1912-1990) was a press attaché at the British Legation in Belgrade from 1949 to 1952. To Anne Ridler British Legation, Belgrade [1949] Dear Anne, A brief note from a troubled  []

: Sarajevo (1951)

Bosnia. November. And the mountain roads Earthbound but matching perfectly these long And passionate self-communings counter-march, Balanced on scarps of trap, ramble or blunder Over traverses of cloud: and here they move, Mule-teams like insects  []

: A Walk to Visegrad

Already I had planned to tramp out into unknown eastern Bosnia in the short New Year holiday. I copied from my school-map the features of the mountains, sparse townlets and villages, a devious thread of  []

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