Volume 16 No. 3 (2021):July

Volume 16 No. 3 (2021):July

: Remembering the 1995 Srebrenica Genocide

At the Bosniak Institute in Sarajevo on July 8, 2010, BZK “Preporod” (“Renaissance”) organized a lecture on remembering the Srebrenica genocide 1995-2010. The speakers that evening were the president of BZK “Preporod” Senadin Lavić and  []

: Rest

She sheds a tear when no one is watching She feels the pain bottled in her chest She hopes the end is near She sheds a tear when no one is watching Her father, uncle,  []

: Podcast 2020, Remembering Srebrenica

Over the course of a mid-Summer week in July 1995, more than 8,000 men and boys were systematically killed in a small Bosnian town called Srebrenica. Untold Killing tells the little-known story of genocide and  []

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